6 Ways to Earn Your Children’s Respect

6 Ways to Earn Your Children's Respect

Having a perfect little family is impossible till you have your children’s respect. This in turn requires you to earn it rather than trying to inculcate it by being strict and forcing them to respect you. Listed here are a few ways to earn your children’s respect.

1. Don’t be judgmental

Whenever your children come to you to share what is in their heart, throw your judgment out of the window. If they want your opinion, they will ask for it. When they want to talk to you, they want you to really listen without commenting on what they should and shouldn’t have done. Keep making a mental note of things you would like to talk about, but do not judge anything and everything. It is harder than it sounds.

2. Don’t be condescending

Yes, you are an adult! Yes, you have more experience! Yes, you may be able to solve the problem at hand with much more maturity, or you may have ensured that such a problem never occurred in the first place! But you do not have to rub it in your children’s face. Let them sort their issues themselves.

3. Get Crazy

You do not have to be responsible all the time, you do not have to be all grown up forever! In fact, being with your kids, you have all the right in the world to get a little crazy and be a kid again, within boundaries of course. Let loose, and just hang with them, and they will respect you a lot!

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