What Do Men Like In A Woman? These 10 Things, Of Course!

What Do Men Like In A Woman? These 10 Things, Of Course!

Would you like to know what are the things or qualities that men like in a woman? Keep reading this interesting piece to find out.

1. She is independent

Yes, men like a woman who is independent and leads her own life. Men like the fact that a woman is happy and secure in her life and has a family, friends, a job and a social life too. A woman who knows how to have to have fun and leads her own happy life without being dependent on a man is something that men prefer in their woman too.

2. She will never take the first initiative

This means that men will always have to do the chasing part and they like it! If a woman make the first advance towards them, they might be a bit taken aback. So traditionally speaking, men like the fact that they have to chase a woman and not the other way round.

3. She is in touch with her feelings

Men are programmed to be the ‘tough’ ones among the two sexes. Thus, they like a woman who knows how to react in every situation.They want a woman to be vulnerable in the natural way that she is and not try to build an exterior wall around her.

4. She has good manners

Men always like a woman who shows respect to others. They prefer a woman who knows how to talk to others and is well-mannered.

5. She knows how to look good

Men like a woman who is pretty in a natural way and doesn’t put on too much of makeup that makes her look fake. Men prefer a woman who is gorgeous as well as feminine. Men like that a woman has a dressing sense and knows how to carry herself at all times.

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