8 Tips to Get a Celeb to Reply to You on Twitter

8 Tips to Get a Celeb to Reply to You on Twitter

Social networking websites help people to connect with new people and explore everything the world has to offer. Everyone, from the common man to celebrities have their accounts on different social networking websites. Twitter is one such popular social networking website which provides an interactive platform and ambiance to the users in order to share their views and connect with others. On Twitter, you can follow people who according to you are your role model or whose point of view matches yours. There a lot of people following their favorite celebrities. If you are one such follower, then how would it be if your favorite celebrity replies to your tweets? Here are few tips to get a celebrity to reply to you on Twitter.

1. Identify your favorite celebrity’s real account

Find out your favorite celebrity’s real account. This is the first and the most important step of the whole process. There are various people who make fake accounts on the name of celebrities using pictures from the internet to make the account look real. So, it is important to determine your favorite celebrity’s original account first. Make sure that you are following the right Twitter account.

2. Follow your favorite celebrity

Once you find your celebrity on Twitter, “follow” him/her. This will help you to get regular updates of your celebrity’s tweets. This will also help you find out what your celebrity likes and dislikes personally. Regular updates can make you feel connected with him/her.

3. Re-tweet the tweets

Read the tweets of your favorite celebrity on a regular basis. Take inspiration from their experiences and re-tweet their tweets. This will let your favorite celebrity to know that you are popularizing his/her tweets. It will also help you to convey that you are really following your favorite celebrity’s experiences. This may encourage the celebrity to reply to you saying things like, “Thank You” or “I appreciate the re-tweet.”

4. Post meaningful comments

Don’t make silly or meaningless comments just for the heck of giving a comment. A lot of fans post stupid comments on their favorite celebrity’s Twitter account just to stay in the limelight. This will put off any celebrity or even a common man. So, it is important to post a comment that is sensible and interesting.

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