7 Date Ideas If You are Broke

7 Date Ideas If You are Broke

You don’t need to spend oodles of money to make a date amazing. There are a few ingenious ideas you can use which will make your date cheap yet enjoyable. Here are a few of them.

1. Stroll on the beach

A beach date can be a good way to spend time with your guy without either one of you having to shell out money. You can stroll on the beach, soak your feet in the water, play ball or Frisbee and relax as long as you want. You can also carry a picnic basket in which you can pack something from home. A beach date is an awesome way to have a romantic time without spending truckloads of money.

2. Go biking

Have you ever thought about going out on a date in which both of you are on a bike? You can do this within your city or even choose a nice biking trail on the outskirts. If you both don’t have your own bikes, you can borrow them from your friends for a couple of hours. You will come back from your date with some great memories, without having spent much money.

3. Go to a local amusement park

Local amusement parks are likely to be inexpensive. If you want to do something truly unique but cheap for a date, go to a local amusement park. The fact that you are way past the age of sitting on rides, will make it all the more fun. It will be a nostalgic time for you both as you cherish your childhood memories of going to amusement parks. Don’t forget to grease your mouth with cotton candies and other yummy street side fares at the park.

4. Eat from a food truck

Mobile eating trucks are popular in many cities. These are mobile vans which serve fresh foods to customers by traveling through various areas of the city. There are likely to be mobile food vans in your town which dish up local favorites. Get your date to try out a mobile food truck which is one of your favorites. This will make your date unique, memorable and cheap at the same time.

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