6 Tips to Get the Perfect Outdoor Tan

6 Tips to Get the Perfect Outdoor Tan

A tanned skin is attractive. However, the beauty only lasts as long as the tan is uniform and healthy. Unhealthy tanning, which is acquired by excessive exposure to sun causes sun burns and increases the risk of damage due to ultraviolet radiation. So, unless you want to end up looking like roasted meat, you need to be careful when you tan. How do you get the perfect tan? Here are the tips to get a perfect outdoor tan.

1. Get tanned during the right hours

Tanning is not recommended during hours when the sun is right on your head. So, you need to avoid the late morning, afternoon and late afternoon sun rays. These are very strong and can fry you to the core. Early morning hours are the best hours for tanning.

2. Avoid winter sun

Sun rays are very sharp in the winters. So, although it feels good basking under the sun on cold winter days, the sharp rays do more harm than good. The risks are exaggerated in present times, because of pollution and weakening of the ozone layer, which bring in harmful rays from the sun as well.

3. Use sunscreen

Sunscreen is important even when you tan. It prevents damage of your skin tissues due to radiation while helping you get a tan gradually. You do not burn when you apply sunscreen. You only tan slowly. However, if you use a sun block, you will not get a tan because sun block reflects sun rays. If you plan to stay in the sun for long, keep reapplying the cream.

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