6 Common Reasons People Fall Out of Love

6 Common Reasons People Fall Out of Love

Fairy tales and romantic movies showcase the struggles a couple face in their love life and how they live happily ever after once they overcome everything. Alas love is not a cure for all and people in love do not stay in love forever. Every now and then even the greatest of love fails and people who thought they would stay in love forever fall out of love. There are a lot of reasons why people fall out of love. Even though each couple may have their own reasons there are some common reasons that make most people fall out of love. Here are some common reasons people fall out of love.

1. Boredom

One of the most common reasons people fall out of love is because they are bored. Couples who live together for a long time fall into the same routine and after a while there is nothing new to expect from each other. They get bored with each other and start looking elsewhere for some action and entertainment in their lives. When they have to look outside for fun, they fall out of love.

2. Lack of trust

People fall out of love when they realize they cannot trust the person they are in love with. A healthy relationship and love needs trust and when they do not know what the other person thinks or what he or she is up to, there are little reasons to love the person and after a while there are just no reasons left to be together.

3. Too much passion

Too much passion can also be bad at times and can have the opposite effect. Passion is important for love, but when it becomes too much, it take s a toll on the relationship. Love takes a backseat and a lot of negative emotions like hatred and jealousy creep in. Two passionate people cannot stay in love for a very long time.

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