5 Tips to Wear Bright, Vibrant Lip Colors This Summer

5 Tips to Wear Bright, Vibrant Lip Colors This Summer

Summer is the time to be bright, cheery and colorful. So, when it comes to makeup, adding a dash of color through vibrant lipsticks can really jazz up the look and get you into the spirit of the season. However, not everybody can carry of a bright and vibrant lip color, more so if it does not complement the rest of their attire. Read on below for tips to wear bright, dazzling and radiant lipstick colors that can help you look gorgeous in it.

1. Tone down the rest of the makeup

One of the first rules when you are applying a bright colored lipstick is to tone down makeup on the eyes and blush on the cheeks. Bright lips along with brightly done eyes and bright cheeks can make you look garish and gaudy instead of stylish. So, stick to nude tones for the cheeks and apply a light eye shadow to the eyes.

2. Choose the right bright color

The shade of bright color that you choose is as important as the way you wear it. So, choose a shade that suits your complexion well. While almost every color including bright reds and pinks are good choices for the fair skinned; a dark burgundy, blackberry red, chocolates, plums and oranges look good on dark skinned people.

3. Clean lips before applications

The first step is to clean your lips of dead skin. You can do this by scrubbing either with sugar or with a readymade scrub.

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