6 Tips to Adjust to a New Sleep Schedule If You are Nocturnal

P6 Tips to Adjust to a New Sleep Schedule If You are Nocturnal

Only a nocturnal person will fully know the irritation of the universally dreaded Mondays. It is a difficult task at hand when you are told to walk in to your new workplace sharp at an hour which falls in the AM category when you are a hardcore night owl. Here are some tips to adjust to a new sleep schedule if you are nocturnal.

1. Just switch it all off and go to bed 8 hours prior to when you have to get up

It is very tempting and common to think that no matter what you will be able to wake up in the morning even after staying up late. This childish behavior will do you no good so just switch off or postpone everything you do in the night time for daytime and sleep 8 hours before wake up time. You may not get sleep easily as your body is not used to snoozing at an earlier time but you just have to trust your body to sleep soon after you lay on the bed.

2. Consume light or no dinner

Eat a light dinner early on or nothing at all. Fast for 16 hours until the next morning when you eat a solid breakfast containing protein for it helps to reset the inner clock and breaking the fast when you are supposed to.

3. Alter sleep schedule gradually

If you normally wake up at 11 A.M. but want to start waking up at say 7 A.M., making the change overnight will prove counter-productive. Ease your body into the new sleep schedule by adjusting your sleep time and wake up time by 1 hour every 2 to 3 days, if possible. This way you are not suddenly deprived of hours of sleep which can take a toll on overall health.

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