6 Tricks to Lose Weight Fast

6 Tricks to Lose Weight Fast

Ever felt the pinch of failing miserably at a weight loss regime you have been following over a long period of time? There is something that was just not right. Whenever, you are in such a tight corner, follow some simple tricks to lose weight fast.

1. Click a picture

A Picture always speaks more than a thousand words. Such is the effect of a photograph. Why not make use of such an impact on what you eat? Click a picture of every meal that you have for a fortnight at least and keep seeing them as frequently as possible. Research has proved that people who did it changed their eating patterns to include a more balanced meal and found their weight loss programs actually working. This is a simple trick where you realize the wrath you bring upon yourself by repeated viewing.

2. Replace soda with water

Have a glass of water before and after every meal. Switch to water over soda or an alcoholic beverage. This way you save yourself from gaining 7-15 pounds every year. Also, drinking water makes you feel fuller and prevents you from attacking a heavy meal

3. Switch to fish

If you are used to eating red meat four times a week try switching to salmon or tuna and notice a mammoth difference. You will save your body upto a whopping 1200 calories every week. Fish does not just enable weight loss but is also an excellent food source for several nutrients and proteins. Choosing between steamed, broiled or grilled options is healthier.

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