10 Ways To Take Revenge On Your Ex

10 Ways To Take Revenge On Your Ex

Revenge might seem like a wonderful way to hurt a person and it might also give you some fun after breaking up with your boyfriend. This could distract you from your gloomy thoughts, pain or loneliness. But, of course, the best way to get over is just to move on with your life and have fun. Take a look at 10 ways to take revenge on your ex.

1. Get Sticky

This does not mean, you have to bug him all the time and stick to him. Just get a fun and embarrassing sticker and place it on his car bumper.

2. Get Flirty

The best option is to flirt with his best friend. Just become irresistible to him. This would drive your ex mad.

3. Be Sexy

Not for him, of course. Just be hot and attractive for yourself, first of all, and for other men. Let him see, what he has just lost.

4. Be Happy

This is one of the best and smartest ways to take revenge on your ex. If he has no hard feelings for you, he will be happy for you. There is a chance of getting over your feelings and becoming good friends. If not, it would make him miserable.

5. Scare Him

Ask your pregnant friend to do you a favor. Let her pee and take a pregnancy test and send it to him with a note. Just give him a big scare!

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