6 Tips on How to Fire Someone

6 Tips on How to Fire Someone

As you climb up the ladder of success in your professional field, one of the hardest things that you need to do is to fire people every now and then. This can be a very difficult task, especially when the employee does not take the news in a good way. We give you some tips on how to fire someone.

1. Be sure about the decision

Before you call in someone to break the news, you must yourself be sure of the reasons and feel confident about the decision. This will help you in having clarity of thought and will aid in conveying things in a better way. If you yourself aren’t very sure of why you are firing a person, then you might feel guilty about the decision and it could lead to some awkward moments.

2. Keep it short

While telling someone that he or she is being fired, always make sure that you do not engage in a lengthy discussion. If you are sure that the decision is final and cannot be changed, then keep things short and plain.

3. Use firm language

It is not always easy to break the news, especially when you know the person well. It is important to not let your emotions get you carried away. Try to be as firm as possible without sounding rude or offensive. Know that you are the senior and have every right to take a decision which is for the betterment of the company.

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