10 Signs That He Doesn’t Care

10 Signs That He Doesn't Care

Have you been feeling lately that your boyfriend or partner is not showing interest in you? Do you feel that he’s deliberately not spending enough time with you? These are signs of a dwindling relationship and the fact that he doesn’t care. If you agree with all the points given below, maybe it’s time to think about your relationship again.

1. There is no conversation on the phone

If you’re facing times when there’s no substantial talk on the phone that can make your bond stronger, it’s a big sign that he doesn’t care and there’s no scope for a relationship to blossom.

2. He refrains from meeting your family

Men equate family to commitment. Not mingling with your family is a major sign not only of the fact that he doesn’t care, but also that he doesn’t want any long term commitment with you.

3. He gives excuses all the time

If you’re sick and tired of his excuses for not picking up the phone, not responding to your texts or for not being sensitive in general, he needs no pity or sympathy from you. It’s a clear sign that he doesn’t care about you anymore. Unless of course, he has some valid reasons.

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4. He doesn’t romance you at all

We can completely understand your worry and concern for your relationship if he is not showing any affection or romance towards you on dates. A lack of romantic spark and effervescence is a clear sign that he doesn’t care anymore.

5. He flirts with other women while ignoring you

It’s annoying as hell when your man flirts with other women while ignoring you, isn’t it? Not only is it annoying, according to us, this should be completely unacceptable on your part. Friends, if your boyfriend is doing this to you, it is a clear sign that he doesn’t care about being with you anymore.

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