6 Symptoms of Stress

6 Symptoms of Stress

You can run, you can hide, but you cannot escape stress. Yes, stress has become a part and parcel of our daily routine. No one can claim to be completely stress-free. Stress can be caused by family problems, hectic work schedules, financial issues, problem with friends and demanding lifestyle. Reasons can be many, but it should be kept under check. Stress in small doses is good for mental growth, as it keeps your mind alert. But when in excess it becomes distress. It may lead to several problems like health issues, erratic behavior and emotional instability. Keep in mind these symptoms of high level stress to be able to deal with it at an early stage.

1. You get irritated with anything and everything

When you are under stress, emotional changes are the first to hit. Things that you enjoyed in normal circumstances like cooking, catching up with friends or surfing the internet now irritate you. You try to avoid meeting people or going out. You frequently burst out with anger on people who you really cared for, without any fault of theirs. You find yourself either over reacting or under reacting to issues. These are clear signs of stress.

2. You become absent-minded

When your mind is stressed you tend to forget things. You don’t remember where you left your car keys; forget to call up important clients; forget to wish your mother on her birthday and many such small things which are a part of your regular routine. Work that you would finish in the blink of an eye, now takes hours. This happens because your mind is not with you. It’s stuck with issues amounting to stress.

3. You have lost appetite for sex

Sex is considered one of the best stress busters. But what does one do when you don’t at all feel like getting intimate. Even the thought of intimacy doesn’t cross your mind. You look for reasons to avoid going to bed with your partner. Then it’s a signal that your stress level is increasing at an alarming rate.

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