5 Hairstyles for Autumn 2013

5 Hairstyles for Autumn 2013

Doing up your hair for any occasion is the most challenging part of dressing up for any woman! With various hair types and face-cuts, many women are unaware of which hairstyle suits them best. Hence, a quick guide on hairstyles always works best for them. As you bid goodbye to humidity, occasional rains and piercing heat, to welcome autumn and fall, experimenting with your hairstyles is something that you should be looking forward to. A quick twist in the hair can give you a complete makeover. Here are some trendy hairstyles that are ‘in’ right now. Have a look and try them for any occasion.

1. Sleek ponies

Ponytails can never go out of fashion. There have been endless variations to this classic hairstyle, but it never fades out. In the current trends, sleek ponytails can do wonders to your overall look. This hairstyle suits every face-cut and gives a very clean and beautiful look. Besides, this simple style does not take much of your precious time to make. Brush up your hair at the back and tie it with a band, adding some hairspray to give the much-needed shine and power to stay neat the whole day.

2. Low knot buns

Getting low is in fashion this season! For a chic and hassle-free look, go for the low knot buns that are trending right now. This style gives you a very characteristic look and goes with elegant outfits. All you have to do is comb your hair neatly, twist it and wrap it with the help of your fingers and make a tight bun. Take some pins and tuck it tidily for a suave and sophisticated look.

3. Soft curls

If you are tired of tying your hair, then keep it flowing naturally. For a more girly effect, give a touch of soft curls to those beautiful locks. All you have to do is use a large barrel curling iron and tame the ends of your tresses. This look will be ideal for a romantic encounter with your partner or a family get-together. Besides, this hairstyle does wonders to every face-cut.

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