7 Character Traits That Men love in a Woman

Character Traits That Men love in a Woman

When it comes to relationships whether casual or serious, men prefer it when they get something more than just perfect vitals, attractive features and physical appearance. They want strong women who they can like for who they are and who can make trustworthy partners. Here are 7 character traits that men love in women.

1. Intelligent and street smart

Men like women who know about the affairs of the world -politics, businesses, money matters, risks and also who are street smart. They should be able to think impromptu, deal with difficult situations rather than cry and crib like babies waiting for their Mr. Right to arrive.

2. Hospitable and kind to his friends

Sometimes women strangle men to an extent that they don’t allow them to have fun time with their friends. They drop in with snacks during their boy’s night out or for a poker game. Men like girls who are hospitable and kind to their friends at get together. Stay along rather than dragging them in a corner.

3. Independent

Men like women who do not depend on them for a ride, for shopping and every little thing or even money for that matter. They respect women who don’t make their boyfriends shop for them or pay for them at restaurants.

4. Open-minded

Men like women who are liberal and open minded and do not feel insecure every time they talk to another woman who could perhaps be only be their friend or a colleague. Their relationship with other women should not be affected on account of commitment or a romantic relationship.

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