7 Amazing Foods That Will Drive Your Stress Away

It’s pathetic that we’ve become so careless of the foods we eat, don’t you think, ladies? We have a great range of foods that can act as natural solutions to any problem that the body might have. If you have a high pressure job or are stressed out to due to your personal problems, you can combat it by eating foods like these. They will help you bust your stress.

1. Chocolates

We love chocolate. Period. This is one of the few stress relieving foods which is both nutritious and delicious. But do you know what magic chocolate contains? It has flavonoids which help you calm down and phenylethylamine which peps up your mood. But be careful of one thing, ladies. Chocolate contains a lot of sugar. We suggest you only eat dark sugar free chocolate to fight out that stress.

2. Brown Rice

Brown Rice

Photo Courtesy: jules:stonesoup

Do you know how much of a significant change you could bring to your health if you simply switched to brown rice instead of white? Well, yeah, you would have to get used to the taste initially. But we don’t think that’s a huge price to pay for getting plenty of stress busting Vitamin B in return. The best thing about brown rice is that it will satiate your body’s need of carbs without peaking up sugar levels!

3. Soy


Photo Courtesy: T.Hagihara

Did you know, you could be staying fatigued and stressed out because of low protein levels in your body? Get them pumping by adding nutritious soy in whatever you cook. Add a little soy powder in your milk, flour or tofu. We love soy because it’s like a magic potion that you have to sprinkle over any food you eat to get your source of stress relieving protein, vitamin B, calcium and magnesium.

4. Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia

Some people have the habit of sitting with a bag of potato chips when they are under anxiety and stress. What’s the reason behind doing that? If you’re in the same boat, we suggest you to stop this habit immediately before you bloat up. Try having sweet potato instead. Not only will it satisfy your craving for something sweet, you’ll also get your fill of beta-carotene and fiber which will drive your blues away.

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