6 Reasons Why Guys have Control Issues

6 Reasons Why Guys have Control Issues

Ever come across a guy who seems to have adopted you at the beginning of a relationship? He has taken care of all your worries – both financial and emotional. Suddenly, life seems how you’ve always wanted it to be. But things change soon after. With every passing day the dream seems to shatter bit by bit as the man of your dreams come across as a bit of a jerk. His attitudes have grown heavy handed, he wants to have the last word in everything and wants to control almost every aspect of your life. If this sounds familiar, you are with a man who has control issues. Because of social upbringing and cultural reasons even a perfectly normal man may show controlling tendencies at times. But a man with serious control issues can destroy your self esteem and happiness. It can be thoroughly frustrating and stifling. Knowing why a guy might have control issues is the first step towards assessing your situation and making the right decisions. Here are six reasons why guys have control issues.

1. Culture teaches men to be controlling

Almost all cultures throughout the world have subtle or explicit ways of controlling women. Some equate women’s beauty and hair with evil, hence the diktat to cover hair and at times the entire body. Some feel women are inferior to men so “a model woman” is thought to be someone who toes the line her husband, father or brother lays for her. The instances are far too many. Naturally, men grow up learning to be controlling.

2. They feel if they don’t women will

Most men feel a relationship is a power game and somebody has to take charge. If they don’t, women will. So many feel justified in wearing the pants in the relationship.

3. Women are more powerful for their sexual appeal

Historically, men have been portrayed as people controlled by their sexual needs and impulses. They feel drawn towards attractive women. For this reason there’s a popular notion that women are far more powerful than a man for their sexual appeal. It is believed, an attractive woman has the power to attract a lot of male attention and if need be, manipulate them. So they are to be controlled and put to their place, so that a man can live peacefully.

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