6 Reasons Why Giving Makes Us Happy

6 Reasons Why Giving Makes Us Happy

‘Giving’ is a wonderful word that tags along with it a sense of satisfaction, a sense of sharing and a sense of making someone happy. It could range to anything from giving a balloon to a small child to helping someone pay the mortgage! If you give, you get. And what is it that you get? Happiness from within. Read ahead and find out the reasons why giving makes us happy.

1. Gives you the feeling of satisfaction

Try feeding a hungry fellow, or give a needy person generously. It is not just giving off your possessions but also giving off love and affection that fills your heart with a sense of satisfaction. Giving your precious time to your parents or friends and helping them in their time of need also satisfies your heart and brings a smile.

2. Brings in a sense of sharing with the world

If you don’t share, you become selfish. A mother always tries to teach her child to share because she knows that sharing will make her child selfless and play a bigger role in the community later in life. This selfless individual will never feel that he has lost something in life and this will make him happy.

3. Makes others happy

When you give, you receive a happy face, a beautiful smile that not only comes from the other side but also from within. A small child when given something he/she needs might even hug you and that is the epitome of happiness.

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