Health Benefits Of Nuts

Health Benefits Of Nuts

One of the best snacks which comes from a natural source and is highly beneficial for your health is nuts. Nuts are friendly and tasty foods which you can have any time during the day. You can carry nuts wherever you go without worrying about a special container or anything because nuts are dry and can be easily and economically packed. Nuts are not perishable and have a very long shelf life so you can store them for a longer period, unlike fruits and vegetables. Also, there is nothing for you to cook or prepare – you can have nuts as they are, and can also use them for garnishing. Listed below are the 6 health benefits of nuts.

1. Nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids which go a long way in ensuring that your heart is protected. This helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and other heart related health issues. Nuts are a good source of the polyunsaturated fats which reduce the bad cholesterol levels in your body.

2. Nuts contain antioxidants like carotene, resveratrol and lutein which provide protection against cancer, heart diseases, nerve diseases, viral, fungal and bacterial infections. Resveratrol found in peanuts particularly reduces the risk of stroke.

3. Nuts are a good source of essential nutrients like Vitamin B-complex and Vitamin E. Vitamin B-complex not only gives you energy, it also ensures healthy skin, hair and nails and helps maintain a smooth digestive system and strong nervous system. Vitamin E also protects and maintains healthy skin.

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