5 Reasons not to Think of Divorce While Marrying

Reasons not to Think of Divorce While Marrying

Marriage is a beautiful thing to happen to a couple. It is a sign that they are culminating their relationship as fiances and are embarking on a more intimate closer relationship. It involves a lot of commitment and sacrifice and a lot of thought has to go into it before you consider a marriage. It’s not something you decide on a whim. There also needs to be loads of love as it is only love that makes it work on a long term. When there is no love, you would just find out that you just are two people living under the same roof and live reasonably well together. There is no love and not much intimacy in a lot of marriages and some people get into a marriage thinking of a divorce. Although they may have their own reasons, here are some reasons you should not be thinking of a divorce while marrying.

1. There will be no trust in the marriage if you are thinking of a divorce as you are marrying

A marriage is based on trust as much as it is on love. If you are thinking of a divorce, there will be no way you can trust your husband. You will only find out ways to not believe in him and will also never confide in him. Learn to trust your husband, maybe you will no longer think of divorcing him.

2. You will never be happy

One of the reasons although a little overrated for people getting married is to have a happily ever after life. If divorce is something you are thinking about when you are on the aisle or when you plan your wedding, you are making a mistake and planting the first seeds of unhappiness in your marriage.

3. Why get married in the first place

If you are thinking about a divorce and how much it will cost you or what you will have to go through, then there is absolutely no reason to go on with the wedding. Never get into a marriage with doubts in your head. You will not only be messing up your life but also someone else’s life.

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