6 Reasons Child Stars Go Crazy

6 Reasons Child Stars Go Crazy

There have been only a few child stars who have faded away from the entertainment industry having decided to pursue other passions or lead a normal life. Some of them mature and grow up in the limelight, eventually becoming big actors in their own right. But there are many who completely lose it and go wacko. There could be a lot of reasons for their often eccentric and irrational behavior could be personal or otherwise. Here are a few guesses as to what makes them go crazy.

1. Too much fame at a young age

With fame going into the heads of many grown up people and completely changing them, nothing less or normal could be expected of child stars who become famous at a young age. All the attention and the adulation go into their heads confusing them and blurring the lines between reel life and reality.

2. Pushy parents

Most of them have pushy parents who aren’t willing to deal with the problems faced by their kids as long as they are bringing in fame and money. Some vicariously live through their kids and keep pushing them to keep earning and achieving more and more.

3. Too much money

Kids earning thousands and even millions of dollars before they turn 13 or less is a dangerous thing to happen. Most of them don’t know what to do with all the money and are exploited by their family leading to a lot of bad blood.

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