6 Things You Shouldn’t Wear After 30

6 Things You Shouldn't Wear After 30

Turning thirty is not a big deal. You don’t have to make life altering changes just because you turned thirty. You turn thirty one day and don’t tell yourself that you would stop doing certain things. Age should not be a barrier to stop doing things, but this must also not be your reason to do and get away with ridiculous things, especially when it comes to fashion. There are certain things that you have to stop wearing when you hit your thirties, not because your body miraculously changes overnight but because you do not want to be the object of ridicule to those who know your age.

1. T-shirts with slogans

They are mostly favored by teens who want to make a statement or who want to be seen. Sometimes it is an act of rebellion. Since the teens years are far behind you, there is no real reason to garner that kind of attention anymore. So stay away from those loud T-shirts.

2. Ripped jeans

You should not wear ripped jeans for the same reasons you should not be wearing T-shirts with slogans. They look good on skinny models on print or on TV, but in real life you wouldn’t want to be seen with holes in your jeans.

3. Pigtails

Sure. Pigtails look cute. They look cute on kids and school girls. Going on thirty and wearing pigtails only makes people think you are trying too hard.

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