9 Tips To Remember Names

9 Tips To Remember Names

Have you ever faced a situation whereby you didn’t recall the name of the person standing in front of you, whom you have met a few times before? Or is it the high school reunion and you’re nervous because you don’t seem to remember everyone’s names quite properly? Or do you forget someone’s name soon after you meet them? Friends, whatever the situation be, you should know that it’s not that hard to remember names of people once you know the tricks. These are a few tips on how to remember names.

1. Repeat the name

Yes, repeating the person’s name as often will help you to remember it and store it in your memory. Say the name in your mind a couple of times, after the person introduces himself. If he/she gives you a business card, keep it in your hand and refer to it while talking to the person. Also, you can incorporate his/her name in your conversation casually, ‘Hi Bob, nice to see/meet you.’

2. Associate it with the person

While you’re talking to the person, you’ll obviously get to know more info about him/her like occupation, location, interests, work and so on. If not, you can also ask him/her questions and get to know all this. In this way you’ll be able to remember his/her name in a better way. If Bob lives in Los Angeles, you can remember his name by referring it as ‘Bob LA’. You could jot these details behind the person’s visiting card too.

3. Play with the words

Often unique and sometimes funny things make us remember people’s names. For example, if the name is John and he is from Jersey you can relate that and remember his name. If he has a square jawline, you can try ‘John Square Jaw’ to remember his name.

4. Ask the spelling/origin

If the person has a name like Scarlett, you could ask her to spell it out. This way it will help you to remember her name in a better way. If it’s a unique name, you could also ask him/her about the origin of the name or its meaning.

5. Connect it

If the person has the same name as your aunt, uncle, friend, you can easily connect it with him/her. This will help your memory to remember the name. You could also connect it if the person is in the same field as your relative/friend. For example, Bob the doctor and your uncle is also a doctor.

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