6 Tips for Handling a Personal Crisis at Work

6 Tips for Handling a Personal Crisis at Work

A devastating personal crisis can crumble you on your professional front, no matter how professionally sound you are. Here are a few tips which can help you navigate through a personal crisis at work.

1. Accept the crisis

Many people find it very difficult to handle a personal crisis at work because they keep fighting with their inner selves. Accepting that you have a problem will help you to dilute half its intensity. Whether someone in your family has fallen ill, you have lost a pet or your house has been broken into, don’t deny the fact that you are in a disturbed state and it will take you some time to get over it.

2. Discuss it with your manager

As soon as you realize that you have a personal problem, communicate it to your manager. If you lock yourself out and stop talking to anyone at work, you will cause more frustration. And this will have further negative ripple effects. Talking to your manager will help him or her to re-strategize your targets and it will lighten your heart too.

3. Ask your colleague to cover up for you

You may not choose to tell your whole office about your personal crisis, but you will have to tell your immediate colleagues and trusted friends. They will be able to provide emotional support in your difficult times. If they are empathetic enough, they may also offer to cover up some amount of work for you. You can also ask your manager to designate some of your work to your colleagues for a short period until you recuperate from your personal crisis.

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