6 Mistakes Newlyweds Tend to Make in the First Year of Marriage

6 Mistakes Newlyweds Tend to Make in the First Year of Marriage

Couples who have just entered into wedlock, are usually quite high in the romance and fun aspect of a marriage. The real hard work starts after the honeymoon period is over and they have to start a new chapter in their lives with each other, together. Every couple goes through their share of teething period during which they discover new aspects, habit and qualities of one another that they weren’t aware of. Thus, they end up committing several mistakes and some of the commonest ones have been listed here.

1. Sleep over a fight

‘Never sleep over a fight.’ Wizened couples always give this advice to youngsters as they have gone through the teething period of matrimony and are experienced. Couples should always stay up and resolve the issue at hand or kiss and make up, but never go to bed mad. This will lead to grudges with one other and their next day will get ruined anyway.

2. Go easy on the finances

In the beginning stages of the marriage, everyday seems to be a party and couples tend to splurge instead of spending wisely. They roam about here and there, buy fancy stuff and live for the love of living, in the moment. That this will result in depletion of finances and arguments later about who ate up how much share of the money, doesn’t cross their minds.

3. Try to change each other

No one finds a perfect soulmate so they settle for the one who could come closest to their dream guy or girl. However, they tend to try to change each other and think that it’s a small deal. This could be detrimental to the very foundation of your marriage.

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