5 Ways to Tackle a Bad Hair Day

5 Ways to Tackle a Bad Hair Day

Rarely will you find a woman who is at peace with her hair. Ladies keep styling, cutting and putting their tresses into place, time and again. On a bad hair day, that seems to occur about once a week, they just don’t like to step out of the house. Bad hair days come and go without a reason and sometimes they are just a figment of your imagination. You don’t need to hide in the safety of your house on such days for here are 5 remedies to banish the glumness your locks may cause.

1. Tie a scarf

Scarves are underrated accessories. They make women look stylish without much effort. Look edgy and a class apart from everyone by covering your hair with a scarf. You could use a net scarf or any of the numerous varieties of colors and designs that are available in the market today. Show your bohemian chic side to the world.

2. Top knot the hair

Celebrities may look gorgeous all the time but the paparazzi has snapped them in so many photos wherein they seem to be going through a bad hair day. Most of these stars tie their hair up in a top knot. A vertically standing bun on top of the head suits all hair types, as long as the tresses are at least chest length or below.

3. Wear a stylish hat

Why restrict your stylish self only to clips and bands when there are hats as well? French hats, bowler hats, sun hats and such other kinds of hats look feminine, cool and hide those messy locks. Make a loose bun, low pony or even let your hair loose under the hat. The attention will go to your hat and not your bad hair.

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