5 Truths About Female Friendship

5 Truths About Female Friendship

Women for long have been tagged as complicated creatures. They have a natural tendency of tangling up things. So how can a relation as simple as friendship be barred from all the complexities? Here are a few truths about female friendship.

1. It’s just between us

Though this promise is made with utmost honesty, most women however fail to keep it. The more you tell a woman to not do something, the more she is prone to doing it. Woman often end up blurting out things to their boyfriends or husbands, and when catastrophe strikes, they have no other choice but to bear the brunt of the searing “I told you” look from their girlfriends.

2. Spark of jealousy

Unlike guys who believe in the saying “the more the merrier”, girls like keeping their best friends to themselves. Admit it, your heart sinks a little when you see your best friend sharing a private joke with someone else. You always want to be in the picture in all of your best friend’s happiest moments, not to mention, play an active role in making them.

3. Being in the spotlight

Although this is not true for all women, but quite a few women prefer being surrounded by people who are below them in looks. Women feel safer having girlfriends who aren’t much of lookers than being with girls who supersede them in gorgeousness. This automatically puts them in the spotlight.

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