6 Gutsy Stuff Women Do that Turn Men On

6 Gutsy Stuff Women Do that Turn Men On

Gone are the days when it was in fashion to be a damsel in distress. Today’s men love the feisty women who have a mind of their own and call a spade, a spade. It’s a huge turn on for men when girls prove them wrong and show them who actually wears the pants in the relationship. So ladies, take note of 6 techniques to impress men by being the modern strong independent woman of today.

1. Make the first move

Men have always found it a turn on when women make the first move. The first move could be to break the ice, ask his number, ask him out or even make constant eye contact, showing him that you are interested in him. Men love being wooed and being at the receiving end of the courtship game for once.

2. Split the bill

Catching your man by surprise and offering as well as insisting to split the bill, or better yet, picking up the whole tab, is a good way to make a great impression on him. This action will make him give you a standing ovation in his mind and show him that you are an independent woman of today who doesn’t need him but want him.

3. Stand up for themselves

Men love to realize that the women they fancy are not withering wallflowers. They dig it when women take charge and stand up for themselves as well as others. Ladies who take matters in their own hands and don’t run away from the situation, hide or panic from it or whine about it, are winners for men.

4. Initiate physical intimacy

Initiating anything that is a physically romantic gesture such as a kiss, touch or something beyond that, is always expected from a man. However, what a man dreams of is that for once the woman would make the first move and take charge while getting intimate. It turns them on, literally.

5. Be confident about your bodies

Most women whine about how their body sucks and how they would like to change it. They go on and on about this with their men who try to explain that it’s not the case, but to no avail. On the contrary, a woman who may not have the best body shape, but is confident about how she carries herself, doesn’t heed society’s views about women’s bodies and does not drive him up the wall with her constant whining about her weight, is one that men actively seek out.

6. Offer to drive

Offering to drive, play a video game with him or a sport, are all things that men want women to do. If once in a while you do that, they will be floored. Take the gears of the car as well as the relationship in your own hands, woman.

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