7 Health Symptoms Women Should Never Ignore

7 Health Symptoms Women Should Never Ignore

All diseases and illnesses start with symptoms. Identification of diseases in their early stages is only possibly if these symptoms are identified by medical practitioners. If you notice something abnormal in your body, go to your doctor today. Here are some of the heath symptoms that women should never ignore.

1. Excessive fatigue

Do you get tired despite sleeping well, eating the right food, having healthy habits and not over-exerting at work? If this is the case with you, there could be something more to your excessive fatigue than just tiredness. Excessive fatigue can be a result of various other things including hormonal imbalance, depression, vitamin deficiency or even heart disease. Go to your doctor if you think that you are feeling fatigued despite living a totally normal, healthy and active lifestyle.

2. Constant abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is often brushed off as temporary bloating or a stomach upset which is expected to disappear after momentary discomfort. If your abdominal pain has gone from being temporary to something that is constant, you must see a doctor. Abdominal pain is known to be a symptom for various illnesses including gallstones, inflammation, constipation or even more serious diseases like colon cancer.

3. Chest pain

Chest pains are one type of discomfort in a woman’s body that should never be taken lightly. Heart disease is a common killer in the US and it often starts by showing various symptoms including chest pain. Your chest pain too, could be a symptom of heart disease and you should not brush it off under any circumstances. Other variants of similar pain can include shooting pain on the side of your chest, shortness of breath combined with discomfort in the chest or even constant and unexplained cases of heartburn.

4. Sudden appearance of a skin patch or a mole

A sudden appearance of patchy spots on the skin or a mole may be early signs of melanoma, or commonly known as skin cancer. If you have a mole since birth, monitor its progress. A sudden change in color, shape, size or the appearance of freckles around it may indicate that you need to visit a doctor immediately.

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