5 Reasons Why Being Demanding is not Good for Your Relationship

5 Reasons Why Being Demanding is not Good for Your Relationship

To ask for things from your loved one in a manner that he feels happy in being the provider for you, is very different from you being demanding all the time. Yes, it’s true that when you’re in a relationship, you have the right to ask for things from your partner. However, there is always a thin line between asking for things in love, and demanding them because you start thinking it’s compulsory for your partner to provide them to you. Many relationship experts have explained that understanding this thin line is extremely important; as otherwise, it starts to create problems between people. Here are a few reasons why being demanding is a no-no in a relationship.

1. It makes you come across as selfish

When you ask for too many things from your partner, he is bound to think that all you care about is yourself, and nothing else. That’s not exactly a good impression to have on your loved one. You should always have a subtle balance between asking for things and giving them back to your partner, so it looks like the relationship as a whole is more important to you than your individual happiness and needs.

2. It makes the other person feel inferior

A common complaint that most guys have with their over-demanding girlfriends is that they tend to treat their boyfriends as servants. Even if your intention is not to do that, your habit of demanding too much will make him feel really inferior. It will make him feel that all he is supposed to do in life is listen to and fulfill your demands, leaving aside his personal wishes, happiness and agendas. Don’t make him feel that way, or else your relationship will go for a toss!

3. It changes the meaning of the relationship altogether

Demanding too much in a relationship changes the nature of it altogether. It will make the relationship come across as that of a boss and a servant, or a seeker and a provider, where the provider or the servant is never happy. The idea of a relationship is to have two equal people sharing their life together. However, when one person becomes too demanding, this equation changes terribly, and has really bad repercussions.

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