6 Disadvantages of Artificial Tanning

6 Disadvantages of Artificial Tanning

There has been a growing demand of things like tanning beds, tanning sprays, etc., to get that perfect sun-kissed look. As such options involve less hassles and don’t require the individual to spend an entire day outdoors, people feel more drawn towards them. However, artificial tanning has its own disadvantages. Read on.

1. It is expensive

While getting a natural tan is free of cost, opting for artificial tanning can really prove a costly affair. So, before you go for the tanning beds, artificial sprays, etc., do make sure that you have enough cash to indulge in this luxury.

2. It could damage the eyes

As compared to the natural sunlight, the amount of UV radiation that hits your eye can be about 100 times more if you go to a tanning booth. This could lead to a number of problems like retinal damage, corneal burns, and cataracts. So make sure you use enough protective gear to prevent the radiation from getting into your eyes.

3. It can cause skin diseases

In many cases, using tanning beds has led to a number of skin problems like basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and more. If the salon is not equipped with the latest technology, then there is a risk of over-exposure to UV rays. Make sure the salon has cancer-safe UV lamps when you go for artificial tanning.

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