5 Interesting Facts About Jennifer Garner

5 Interesting Facts About Jennifer Garner

“Jennifer Garner has been in our lives since decades now, hasn’t she? I think it’s time that I let you in on some facts about Jennifer Garner”, said Mrs. Gossiper. We loved this bubbly actress for her roles in Pearl Harbor, Daredevil, Juno and the television series Alias. “Sure”, we said and were all ears when Mrs. Gossiper told us some interesting facts about Jennifer Garner. If you are too, read on.

Fact 1: She has had a conservative upbringing

“It’s hard to believe, but it is a fact that she had a very conservative upbringing”, said Mrs. Gossiper. “How conservative”, we thought, because we’ve definitely seen some hot pictures of Jennifer Garner. “You’ll be surprised to know that Jennifer Garner was not allowed to get her ears pierced till she was 16. Besides that, she was not even allowed to wear a bikini or makeup. Oh dear! I just can’t imagine Jen like that”, said Mrs. Gossiper, shuddering.

Fact 2: Jennifer Garner is third time lucky

Mrs. Gossiper began to give us facts about Jennifer Garner that were, indeed, very gossipy. “Did you know that Jennifer Garner was married to Scott Foley, followed by a public relationship with Michael Vartan and finally started dating her future husband, Ben Affleck?”, said Mrs. Gossiper. We think that the phrase ‘third time lucky’ fits very well for Jennifer Garner, don’t you?

Fact 3: She is a ballet dancer

“Jennifer Garner started learning ballet dancing at the tender age of 3. Okay, she doesn’t get credit for this but her parents do. But what I really like about this fact about Jennifer Garner is that she continued ballet dancing throughout her youth years. I guess it’s always a plus point for a female celebrity to not have two left feet, right”, said Mrs. Gossiper. Mrs. G can never get over her sarcasm, can she?

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