5 Reasons Why Suicide is Never the Answer

5 Reasons Why Suicide is Never the Answer

There are times when the darkness takes over and you can see nothing but all that is wrong with your life. Many of us wish that our life would just end. Our lives become so complicated, miserable, and devoid of hope that we feel like giving death a chance. We give you some of the reasons why suicide is not the answer that you are looking for.

1. The pain you leave behind

Before you consider committing suicide, spare a moment for those you are leaving behind. Think about your parents, your siblings, your friends, and all those who love you and deeply care for you. Do they deserve this? Can you imagine what your action will do to them? Their lives will be changed forever and they will never know what true happiness is. Are you really that selfish and indifferent? Know that every decision that you make affects the lives of all those who are close to you.

2. A sign of cowardice

A suicide is like the ultimate form of escape. When the going gets tough, you vanish instead of facing things head on. Ask yourself, am I really a coward? Do I not have it in me to stand up to whatever it is that I need to own up to or face? Do I not have the courage to change things for the better? Know that if you give up on life, then you will have no chance of making anything any better.

3. You always have a choice

There comes a time in life when you feel that you have no choice but to end your life. Remember that you ALWAYS have a choice in life. The answer may not be as easy or simple but if you think long and hard, then you will realize that there is something else that you can do to make this life a little better. Talk to those who care for you. Do all that you need to do in order to know what other choice you have.

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