6 Diet Tips for Working Women


For a woman, it can be a challenge to work in an office and look after the house. In the hustle and bustle of life, you might not get the time to look after yourself. At times you have a job that requires being at one place or seated for long hours causing you to put on weight. It is essential then to eat well so that you remain fit and do not damage your health by getting over weight. Here are some diet tips for working women.

1. Drink loads of water

Drinking good amount of water at regular intervals while you are working is best as it keeps you fresh and you do not get dehydrated if you are working continuously under extreme temperatures. If you want, you can also go for a healthy beverage, juice, lemon water or iced tea. This will help you to stop eating at wrong times and will also keep your weight under control.

2. Plan your diet according to your working hours

A healthy breakfast of fruits, cereals and milk, juice, tea or some coffee is a must. If you are traveling to reach your work place, think how you can eat a good breakfast. See that you consume some fruit or light snack like salad between your breakfast and lunch time. Also, it is very important to know what you are carrying for lunch at the office. Try to stick to the lunch time but if you get busy at that time, drink something to keep you going. The same goes while returning back home.

3. Check your snack intake

If you are a single woman, it should not be a problem to stuff your kitchen with healthy snacks. But if you have a family and your kitchen is also filled with your kids’ junk food, avoid eating that or carrying that as lunch to the office.

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