8 Worst Female Health Habits

8 Worst Female Health Habits

A majority of the women out there are guilty of spoiling their health because of being ignorant about the pitfalls of certain day-to-day stuff they indulge in. Women ought to be careful about the small things they dismiss as minor discomforts such as a heavy purse or itching from makeup; since it’s these very little things that ball up over a period of time and become huge issues.

1. Carrying a heavy handbag

Almost every woman out there is guilty of this crime of tagging along a heavy carry bag with them everywhere they go. These overstuffed purses prove to be too heavy a burden and cause back as well as shoulder pains. Muscle pulls, bad posture and cramps are also the side effects of carrying so many things in the handbag.

2. Wearing high heels

Varicose veins, fractures, ligament tears and osteoarthritis affecting the knees, heels, hips and other leg joints are just some of the complications that wearing high heels on a regular basis gives the wearer. High heels result in a lot of unhealthy wear and tear of the legs.

3. Smoking

That smoking is injurious to the health of both sexes is a given. However, in order to show that they are no less than men, women have started smoking and it has been researched and proven that females are more negatively affected by smoking than men. It results in hormonal imbalance, infertility and complications during pregnancy, besides lung cancer.

4. Wearing the wrong bra size

A majority of ladies out there are wearing the wrong size of bra and suffering unknowingly because of it. The wrong size often leads to neck and back pain as well as blood circulation problems besides making the wearer uncomfortable. It even changes the posture of the body for the worse.

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