6 Compliments Girls Want to Hear

Compliments Girls Want to Hear

Women are not very modest when it comes to gathering compliments, especially when it’s for something that they have been diligently working on. They like to be admired, get noticed and like to turn heads. If you love to get compliments, here are certain things as a woman you could not less agree with. Following are the 8 compliments that girls want to hear.

1. “You have lost weight.”

You work out tirelessly in the gym, you go on several kinds of diets- juice diet, cleanse, low calorie food, diet sodas or low carbohydrates and diet with reduced amounts of sugary snacks. Your aim is to look slim and stay in shape. You want to fit into the latest trends, and also want to carry them off. If someone says you have lost weight or you look slim, it’s as though your day has been made.

2. “Your hair is amazingly long, strong and shinny.”

You use various hair products- regular oiling, hair spa, deep conditioning, getting the right shampoo, etc. You style your hair very often. Make sure you never have a bad hair day. The way your hair looks defines you in some sense. Getting compliments on length, growth, volume or your hair cut can be such a rewarding feeling.

3. “You have glowing and beautiful skin.”

You see one pimple on your cheek or in the center of your forehead, it’s like the world crashing on you. You maintain a good diet, use moisturizers, creams and other skin products that suit your skin type. After investing this kind of effort in making your skin look glowing, healthy and flawless, a compliment is always most welcome.

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