7 Things to Never Say During a Fight

7 Things to Never Say During a Fight

They say having a healthy argument is a sign of a healthy relationship. However, when such arguments keep turning into messy fights, it could prove bad for a relationship. There are many things that we say during an intense fight which we regret later. We tell you what all you should not say to your partner, irrespective of how upset you are.

1. Bring up an old fight

Most of us have the tendency to open up old wounds, every time a fight erupts. We either say, “You also did this the last time” or “How could you do the same thing again.” Doing something like that takes the attention away from the issue at hand and brings all the past grudges and problems to the shore. Since you cannot change the past, bringing in old clashes would not really help save the case. You will just end up feeling all the more bitter and annoyed with the other person. So, it is best to try and keep the past away when you have a heated argument.

2. Make remarks about the partner’s parents

It is not fair to make harsh statements about your partner’s parents, just to get back at him. We all love our parents and a remark like that could really cause a lasting rift in the relationship. Also, try not to say things like “You are just like your father” or “I bet you got this from your side of the family.” Passing such rude and hurtful statements will not help at all and will just strain the relationship even more.

3. Express desire to end the relationship

Many a times when we are extremely angry or annoyed we say things like “I want a divorce” or “Choosing you as my boyfriend was a big mistake” or “I wish we had never met.” More often than not, these statements seem irrational after the fight cools down. However, the hurt that they might cause the other person, may not go away with the fight. Also, it may make the other person think about giving up on the relationship.

4. Use abusive language or curse words

No matter how upset you are, there is no reason to lose your civility and start using extremely abusive language or use curve words. It is important to at least treat the other person as a human, even when you are in a heated argument. Things like raising your voice or causing physical hurt should be a strict no-no. You must handle the situation maturely and not lose your good sense.

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