5 Things to Remember While Staying in Touch With Your Ex

Things to Remember While Staying in Touch With Your Ex

Staying in touch with your ex can be like walking on a tight rope. You need to know where to draw the line. You cannot have the same kind of expectations, and need to be careful with how you speak to him and more than that for how long. Here are 5 things that you need to remember while staying in touch with your ex.

1. You cannot get annoyed with lack of communication

When you were together, you would exchange IMs, texts and calls on a regular basis. If he didn’t answer, you could question him, get angry and ask him to call or message. There was a certain levy that you had. When you are not together anymore, you lose the right to cross question him or get mad.

2. It should not affect or hamper your current relationship

If you are already in a relationship, remember that you need to work on it. Your boyfriend should not feel uncomfortable; you need to make it clear that you are over your ex, and no longer have any feelings for him. It should in no way affect the person you are with. Only talk to your ex if your ex can handle you being with someone else. If he is not ready, it’s best to not stay in touch.

3. You need to be completely over him

Make sure that you are completely over him. If he has called it off, and is still in touch with you, remind yourself of your separation. You need to be really over him to have a healthy rapport, or you will just end up fighting again.

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