4 Ways to Add Volume to Hair

4 Ways to Add Volume to Hair

Adding volume to hair is a desire many nurture. Bouncing and wavy hair makes one look really good. However, different individuals try out different ways to get voluminous hair. It is important to not experiment too much with hair. Too many different shampoos, conditioners and hair treatment processes can leave your hair disheveled and weak and ultimately cause loss of hair. It is important to provide proper nourishment to hair. A lot of factors contribute to the voluminous look of your hair.

1. Get a haircut

In some cases, a simple hair cut can do the trick. Layered hair can always look more voluminous and gorgeous. This is quite logical as longer hair is heavier and hence doesn’t get lifted easily. Slightly shorter hair bounces more. Layers of hair can be made to look wavy with lot of volume. If the hair is too short, you may lose that voluminous look. So, it is important to achieve the right balance between long and short hair.

2. Blow dry it

You can attain hair volume by using a bigger blower which will give a lift to the hair from the roots. It is quite possible to set a style with cool drafts or other modes that the hair dryer offers. A diffuser used with a hair dryer can also offer volume to your hair. A round big brush can help in providing lift as long as the nozzle is directed right at the hair roots. There are various styling products too. Once again, it is important to use products based on your hair quality.

3. Rolling and curling

Perms can give you voluminous hair. One can also use rollers or curlers for the same effect. Hair can be set using foam curlers or hot rollers. You can add spruce and life to your hair with curling iron. There are many varieties and you would do well to utilize different patterns based on occasion. There are small and large barreled irons, flat irons and crimping irons, each of which gives a different twist to your hair. Curling the roots can also help get the same effect. Whether you use flat irons, hot rollers or curlers, you have to be comfortable using them and flipping and tossing the hair the right way to get the desired effect. It is interesting to note that the hair volume is proportional to the size of the rollers. That is why using larger rollers is preferable as long as you can handle them with great expertise.

4. Dye your hair

Hair coloring which creates swelling of hair strands is another mechanism used for increasing the volume of one’s hair. One has to make sure semi-permanent coloring is used. Back combing combined with hair spray with the right combs can also give a more voluminous effect to your hair.

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