How To Look Like Taylor Swift?

How To Look Like Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is both admired and envied for her fabulous sense of dressing. No one has a clue from where she gets those classy ideas, but if one has to learn how to dress up perfectly for any event, there could not be a better person than her to teach you. Just like me, are you also one of those who have been smitten by Taylor’s fashion sense? Want to know how you could look like her? Then probably this article is written just for you. Just few hints from me, and I promise I will transform you into the new-age Taylor Swift.

1. Style those curls

No guy can resist attractive “play with me” curls. You can use large rollers for your semi-dry hair. When your hair completely dries up, you can take out the rollers and look into the mirror. Beautiful Taylor Swift-like curls will be staring back at you. Her hair is swept across her face for a romantic and innocent look. So chop the front part of your hair into bangs that fall across your face.

2. Curl those lashes

How else will you woo all the boys around you by battling those eye lashes Taylor Swift style? You can use eyelash curlers for your beautiful lashes. Use lots of mascara on both your upper as well as lower lashes to complete that baby doll look.

3. Shape those brows

One of Taylor’s unmatchable trademarks are her brows. The perfectly arched lashes give her eyes a beautiful almond shape. You can speak to your beautician to shape your eyebrows accordingly.

4. Wear lots of dresses

Taylor Swift’s style has got a feminine touch and a sophisticated edge to it. She herself has stated that she absolutely loves dresses and just can’t live without them. So another key to dress up more like Taylor, is wearing lots and lots of feminine dresses.

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