6 Christmas Party Games for Kids

6 Christmas Party Games for Kids

Christmas is a very merry time and a happy time to spend time with friends and family and every year a lot of families have friends and other members of the family over to have parties. When you invite people over, there are always a lot of kids that come along too and it falls on you to keep them entertained and in place through the party. It is however not very easy to entertain kids as their attention span is very less and they are a bundle of nervous energy that needs to be channeled in the right direction. It is sometimes very difficult to keep with their pace but the few games below can help a bit in keeping them entertained and happy during your annual Christmas parties at home.

1. Secret snowman

This is a very easy game to play and will have a lot of giggling involved. The game requires that you stick a snowman image on the back of an unsuspecting player and wait for him or her to find it. It is made a little difficult by the number of false pats that you can give a person. All is not lost as all the giggling and the sly looks on your back will soon let the cat out of the bag. This is a very entertaining game that also involves a lot of running around.

2. Decorate mom or dad

This game involves that either you or your spouse gets to be the Christmas tree. You just have to stand or sit still and let your kids decorate you with everything that they can lay their hands on. Just don not go to sleep as you might wake up with things on your body that you cannot get off so easily.

3. Snow ball throwing

What can be more fun than the outdoors and snow? You can make them into teams and see which team gets the most hit. Just make sure the kids wear well-padded clothes and are adequately protected against the snow and the cold weather. You can join in the fun too or supervise if you think your energy levels are down.

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