Top 5 Ideas for Wedding Guest Dresses

Top 5 Ideas for Wedding Guest Dresses

“Mischa, can you stop reading that magazine and help me select a dress for Tabby’s wedding?”, yelled Monica. “Okay, okay fine. What do you need help with?” “I need to wear something to Tabby’s wedding. I am going as a guest, not as family”, said Monica, looking at all her clothes sprawled around.

We’re assuming every woman has this dilemma sometime or the other, doesn’t she? What kind of a dress should you wear if you’re attending a wedding as a guest? Maybe we can take some tips from what Mischa and Monica finally did.

1. Look for simple cuts

“You don’t want to look overdressed. Especially when you’re a guest and not a family member. Put that frilly peach dress out of my sight, please”, Mischa shouted. She’s right, guys. Don’t go for frilly, satin, over the top dresses and hats. You don’t want people to come up to you and talk to you as if you’re the bridesmaid or a close kin.

2. Look for pastel shades

“I hope you’re not touching that white dress”, Mischa said. “No dear. I don’t even closely want to steal the bride’s thunder!”, Monica retorted. White, being the bride’s color, should be strictly checked out from your list, friends. We suggest you go for cocktail dresses, if the wedding is in the evening or a printed dress, if it’s a morning wedding. If you have a slim figure, go for an off-shouldered dress or stick to a classic halter neck. Pastel shades are always a hit and a safe bet at weddings.

3. Look for empire line dresses

“Hey, why don’t you borrow my empire line blue and green dress that I wore to the cocktail party last week?”, said Mischa, finally looking happy with her own idea. “Not only will it make you look slimmer, you’ll also be able to wear a beautiful belt with it”, she added. “That’s a good idea. Do you know what I love about empire line dresses? They are sensual without looking inappropriate”, said Monica. Perfect for a guest at a wedding, don’t you think?

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