7 Things To do a Few Weeks Before Christmas

7 Things To do a Few Weeks Before Christmas

Celebrating Christmas always starts early. It is not just the day of Christmas that we do everything. It is however the worst thing that you can do. You always need to start early to prepare for Christmas day. When you do this, you can avoid the last minute arranging, wrangling and the resultant tension that comes along with it. Here are a few things that you have to absolutely start doing a few weeks before Christmas to have a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas.

1. Finish your clothes shopping a week or a few weeks before

The bargains that you get before Christmas are a best time to go shopping for Christmas. You will be out shopping anyway, so it makes sense to stock up on clothes for Christmas too. This way you can avoid the last minute drives to shops for clothes on the day of Christmas or the day before when you already have a million other things to do.

2. Shop for all the non-perishable food items

There are some things that you can buy and store for a long time. These can be even ingredients for your Christmas cake or dinner. Make a detailed list of what you are going to have for Christmas and stock up on all those items a few weeks before Christmas. There are chances that you may not find what you want during the Christmas rush.

3. Make that Cake

If you are making a raisin cake, plum cake or a fruit cake, start preparing for it early. The cake tastes much better depending on how long you let the raisins soak in the rum and how long you let the ingredients soak with each other.

4. Buy and wrap all the gifts

It is not enough if you just buy gifts for Christmas. Wrapping takes a long time too if you do not want to spend long hours standing in a supermarket to get your gifts wrapped. Buy some wrapping paper when you buy gifts and start wrapping them well in advance before Christmas.

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    Don’t forge to mention prepare to save time for church..after all this is the reason for the season.

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