6 Biggest Mistakes Women Make in Online Dating

6 Biggest Mistakes Women Make in Online Dating

All exaggerate a little bit on their online dating profile but as women you need to be careful about where to draw the line, how much information you can let out and where you need to stop exaggerating about yourself. Here are 6 biggest mistakes that women make in online dating.

1. They give out personal information

They tend to give out their personal information such as address, telephone number and email ID. You need to realize that in online dating you are not aware of the person sitting on the other end. It could be some creep desperate for women. Do not give out your number and other significant details unless things work out.

2. They tend to talk about their ex-boyfriend

Things are going well with someone, you chat every other day, email, share things about yourself and then you realize you have shared a little too much. Some women tend to talk about their ex and talk along the similar lines about their ex-boyfriend. It comes across as them having issues trying to get over them.

3. They make it a very easy catch

Many women, mostly who have had a dry spell in terms of boyfriends or sex come across as very needy. They insist immediately on meeting, ping men and approach them to go out with them. There are not many questions asked or discussed. If you are doing that you are just throwing yourself at the person.

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