5 Ways to Max Out Your Single Life

5 Ways to Max Out Your Single Life

“Oh my God! You’re still single?! Why? Now you really should try harder. Oh, it would be so wonderful if you found someone!” And there goes the umpteenth lady on her own business without even giving you the chance to say something. Being single is either a deliberate choice or a situation arising from lack of choices, though most people around you would almost always prefer to think that it’s the latter reason (blame it on cynical human nature). But that however shouldn’t dissuade you from celebrating your single status. Here are 5 ways to max out your single life.

1. Some “Me” time

People who constantly seek the company of others often become miserable on being left alone. Look at your grandma for example, she has been living alone all these years but has never really complained about it. That’s because she keeps herself busy with doing what she likes. She has learnt to enjoy being with herself. If you find it boring even spending a couple of hours with yourself then how do you expect other people to find you interesting?

2. No grooming hassle

When you’re in a relationship you constantly need to make sure that you are properly waxed and shaved, a tedious ritual, most girls would agree. The process of waxing, scrubbing, polishing, flat-ironing that you need to go through before a date is so tiring that you’d rather not go on the date at the end of it. One of the perks of being single is that you don’t need to worry about the pressure of looking presentable. There is something very enjoyable about being yourself sometimes while you’re at home all by yourself.

3. Having some space, not just metaphorically

After a hard day at work, coming home to a clean and quiet apartment is bliss. A dirty kitchen, unwashed laundry lying on the floor and things misplaced from their regular places can really get on your nerves. You’ve had enough stress in your work to come home and receive it again. You’d rather get home and take a nice hot bath, switch on the television to a favorite program of yours and have that entire portion of the leftover pizza to yourself… something that’s possible only when you’re single.

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