6 Best Beach Destinations in America

6 Best Beach Destinations in America

America is huge, bordered by both the Pacific and Atlantic on its sides and because of this you have some very different beaches throughout the country. Be it the mainland or Hawaii, there are beaches that cater to tastes of every kind. There are beaches where you can just relax, there are places that are good to catch whales and sight some dolphins, and there are amazing places to ride waves or just gaze at amazing people. Here are some of the best beach destinations in America.

1. Hawaii

Big Island in Hawaii is a great beach destination, like the name implies it is a big island and as expected there are a lot of beaches, each different from the other. You can even find a beach with green sand. One destination and many beaches, that’s Big island in Hawaii.

2. Maui

It’s a great place to surf, it is family friendly, it even has some great volcanoes and not to mention burgundy colored sand on some beaches. Maui doesn’t really need anything more to make it one of the best beach destinations in the country.

3. Hilton Head

Hilton Head, South Carolina is a great beach destination in the east coast. There are the golden sands of Myrtle Beach, the shopping and dining options in Coligny Beach and lesser crowds and calmer swimming conditions in Alder Beach. A wonderful destination that has beaches to suit different tastes and pockets.

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