4 Fun Facts About the Love Life of Prince Harry

Fun Facts About the Love Life of Prince Harry

Born in 1984, Prince Harry is the younger son of Charles and Diana, the Prince and Princess of Wales respectively. Given the dynamic and royal lifestyle that he has had, there are several aspects of his life not entirely known. For instance, his love life has not been quite smooth. He has had relationships as well as breakups. And, in fact, he is still on the lookout for a prospective partner. Listed here are 4 fun facts about the love life of Prince Harry.

1. In the year 2004, Prince Harry met Chelsy Davy from Zimbabwe. They were 19 years and 18 years old respectively at the time. Chelsy’s parents were the managers of private wildlife reserves in Zimbabwe. During the period, Prince Harry did not admit of being in a relationship with Chelsy, nor did he comment on the topic. However in 2005, he mentioned that Chelsy was a “special” and “amazing” person to the Press Association of Britain.

2. In November, 2007, Chelsy and Prince Harry broke up. During the interim three years that they were in a relationship, Prince Harry had become something of a playboy and his lifestyle was a matter of much concern and despair for Chelsy due to which she decided to split up. According to London newspapers, in October that year, Prince Harry chose to attend the rugby world cup final in Paris instead of celebrating Chelsy’s birthday with her.

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