How To Compliment A Man

How To Compliment A Man

He will tell you a million times that compliments do not affect him and that he would be happier without them. He would also try and tell you that it is a girl thing to expect compliments. But men and women are not very different when it comes to taking compliments. They both secretly enjoy it even if they outwardly act indifferent. Men more than woman as they get a lot less compliments and have to pretend that they do not like it. Here are a few ways to compliment a guy without making him feel too embarrassed or without trying too hard to please him.

1. You are ruggedly handsome

Adding an adjective before handsome makes all the difference in your compliment. Anyone can tell a man that he’s handsome and he might brush it away. But if you need to make him take notice of you and really compliment a guy, you need to come up with really cool adjectives. Not only will an unusual or a different adjective intrigue him but it will also make him feel special that you have taken a lot more interest than a passing glance at him. He would be a lot more pleased when you pay special attention to one feature of his face.

2. You could have easily crushed my fingers

When you tell this to a man, you are acknowledging his brute strength and if he is someone who frequents a gym he would be immensely pleased. Men would always like to be complimented on their physical structure and strength. The more you compliment him on his muscles, his strength and stamina the more he is going to puff out his chest and try to impress you more. He would also be as proud as a peacock and maybe even do a little dance for you.

3. You know so much about the game

Men would like to think that they pay a lot more attention to game than women. If you are watching a match together and if he is talking about the game and you want to compliment him, you have to just tell him that he knows so much about the game and the players. If you really want him to be happy ask him some questions about the players and their strategies or their past achievements. Acknowledging his love for the game and prodding him for more information is one of the best compliments you can give a guy.

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