5 Wonderful Accessories For Your Home

5 Wonderful Accessories For Your Home

Your home is your little paradise, a place that you want to look and feel the most beautiful and the best. Many times, you go to other people’s houses, and automatically utter ‘wow’. But do you carefully notice what is it that makes their interiors look so warm and friendly, and at the same time stylish and classy? On careful observation, you will realize that the trick to having good interiors and a beautiful home lies in the correct selection of good accessories. The basics of every home are the same – a living room, bedrooms, a kitchen etc. However, it is the clever accessorizing that makes two similar constructed houses look completely different. Here are is a list of some accessories for your home that you might want to get for yourself.

1. Wall Accessories

Bare, plain and boring walls come alive when you decorate them with paintings, wall hangings and photo frames. It is always a good idea to personalize bedroom walls with photo frames, consisting of pictures of near and dear ones. The living room walls are best decorated with paintings. If you have walls adjoining staircases, then make use of all those souvenir pictures, posters, ceramic plates, magnets and tiles that you collected from your travels to various places, and have those clubbed together smartly. Some people also like to use vintage film posters to decorate their walls.

2. Table And Other Surface Accessories

On side tables, on slabs above fireplaces, and on other such surfaces, candles work very well. You could also use crystal vases, glass trays with dried flowers and decorative beads, table photo frames, little sculptures and statues to add color, texture and a sense of style.

3. Bathroom Accessories

Bathrooms can be made to look interesting with carefully color-coordinated laundry bags, soap cases, interesting mirror frames, stylish bathroom cabinets, knobs for hanging clothes etc. You could also use scented candles around the bathing area, along with dried flower petals etc.

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