6 Most Expensive Countries To Visit This Year

6 Most Expensive Countries To Visit This Year

Not everyone has the desire to travel and see most of the countries in their lifetimes. For those afflicted by the travel bug travelling to most countries can prove to be a little difficult owing to the costs incurred during the trip. Excluding the airfare, certain countries can be a tad too expensive even for the average traveler, forget the backpackers. A lot of factor like high cost of living, currency conversion rates and inaccessibility make some countries more expensive to travel than the rest. Here are some countries that are the most expensive to visit this year.

1. Switzerland

Switzerland has always been the most expensive country to travel even though the tourism industry there is a big revenue generator. Now with the Swiss deciding to decouple the frank from the Euro, travelling to Switzerland is going to prove more expensive. It also mostly has resorts and fine products like watches, chocolates and jewelry that not everyone can afford. Since they are tempting they are also likely to burn a large hole in your pockets.

2. Japan

Rising cost of living and inflation in Japan means that it is difficult even for the Japanese to afford quality living in big cities like Tokyo. For tourists the matter become worse as hotel are too expensive and it I difficult to find cheap hostels too. Transportation within Japan is also quite expensive and you can forget about taking a taxi. Travelling in Japan is so expensive that with the money you would spend travelling there in a month, you can visit all of the south East Asian countries.

3. Brazil

One might be lured into thinking that Brazil is a cheap place to travel given its location in the South American continent. But don’t let the location fool you. Brazil, especially its big cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo are quite expensive to travel. The Brazilian Real has a conversion rate against the dollar that would not give you much change and staying safe there would also meaning putting up in the posh localities. Travelling in the interior however is a less expensive option.

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